Featured Issues

"If we don't do something to fix the pension system, then the 5 state pensions could be insolvent within 10 years."

Our 5 State pensions systems are in crisis. The costs of these systems continues to grow year after year, crowding out the other parts of the budget, such as education and assistance to the elderly and disabled. If we do not tackle pension reform, the pension systems could be insolvent in as little as ten years. Now is the time to act.
"Medicaid is one of the major pieces to the puzzle when it comes to balancing Illinois' budget"

We must purge the Medicaid roles of anyone who is no longer eligible to receive State benefits. It is estimated that Illinois could save over $1 Billion by removing ineligible participants; it is an estimate because we have no way of knowing just how many people are illegally receiving benefits...
"Every year we only spend a few weeks on the budget, even though the budget is the whole reason we are in Springfield"

The primary role of the legislature is to pass a balanced budget.  Every year a very short amount of time is spent focusing on the budget and the majority of time is spent passing legislation that is frivolous and in some cases oppressive.  I would like to see Illinois go to a 2 year budgeting cycle.  If we could get to a two year budgeting cycle (much like Texas), maybe the general assembly could start to meet only every other year; thus reducing the cost of the legislature by slashing or eliminating salaries, eliminate the wasted time on frivolous laws, and finally provide certainty to the private sector employers...